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Eurofighter Simulation Systems (ESS) in partnership with the Prime Contractor Eurofighter GmbH, plays a major role in the ASTA project and is responsible for the design, development, production and support for all of the non weapons systems work content.

ESS is based in the Munich area of Germany and is a joint venture between the main National Simulation Industries in Europe.

These Industries are ARGE comprising (Rheinmetall Defence Electronics and CAE GmbH) in Germany, SELEX ES in Italy, INDRA Sistemas in Spain and Thales Training & Simulation in the UK.

Paco - picture“The ASTA Typhoon Simulators is a great achievement, it is the result of the collaboration among the key stakeholders of the Eurofighter Nations industries, both Aircraft and Simulation. The whole programme has been executed under the guidance of NETMA, the prime role of Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug and its Partners Companies (Alenia, Cassidian and BAES) who provide the highest fidelity Weapon System Simulation, and the collaboration of the Simulation companies represented by Eurofighter Simulation Systems: Thales (UK), Indra (SP), Selex ES (IT), Rheinmetall Defense Elektroniks (GE), and CAE Elektroniks (GE).  

But most fundamentally the Typhoon ASTA provides the right Training & Simulation tool to our Air Forces’ Pilots. The ASTA motto is “Train as you Fight”, because it consists of  a suite of network and interoperable devices from the initial contact with the aircraft and first familiarisation with the cockpit and A/C procedures, to the most sophisticated tactical scenario, fully immersive training you can find in a synthetic trainer, to achieve up to 30% to 50% of the overall flying training across all areas including Conversion-to-Type, Combat Readiness, Tactical Leadership and Mission Rehearsal. ”  

Francisco Muñoz-Gonzalez – ESS Managing Director

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