ASTA Family


The ASTA is designed to support pilot training (Type Conversion Training for Readiness and Continuation Training), Mission Rehearsal and Tactical Doctrine Development. It is also capable of supporting Testing for individual national changes as well as crash and accident investigation.

The major ASTA components are fully integrated and designed to provide optimum training and instructor support.

domThe Full Mission Simulator (FMS) provides a full fidelity, real world environment for the simulation of complex procedural and operational scenarios. In addition to a range of environmental conditions, the FMS is also designed for training in all levels of visibility covering day, night, dusk and dawn operations. To match the demanding operational requirements of the Eurofighter Typhoon, an extensive library of electronic threat scenarios is included in the FMS. This library can be programmed and updated to include a range of current and future ground and air threats that match training and rehearsal requirements for EW procedural training, operational planning, mission rehearsal and the development of tactics. Tactical training also includes simulation against a variety of air and ground targets for mission rehearsal and the operational evaluation of tactics. The FMS can be fully networked to other suitable ASTA (FMS – CT/IPS) systems by LAN or WAN.

The FMS is complemented by a fully interactive Instructor Operating Station (IOS) that provides planning and scenario development. Also included are options for threat and system failure modes for injection during training sequences. The IOS provides core data for training and mission de-briefing r review.

The Cockpit Trainer(Interactive Pilot Station (CT/IPS) provides procedural training and aircrew familiarisation training. The system features simulated, full fidelity display and control functions including visual and aural cueing. As with the FMS, the CT/IPS is also designed to provide simulation of Computer Generated Forces – Air (CGF-Air) in both hostile and allied profiles. When linked to other CT/IPS or FMS, the CT/IPS provides co-operative tactical training, thus supporting FMS training functions. In terms of fidelity, scenario generation simulation in the CT/IPS is comparable to the FMS.

image_popup17Networked with other FMS or CT/IPS at the same base or dispersed locations, the CT/IPS provides a controlled environment for training in formation flying and air combat against hostile aircraft in tactical situations.

The CT/IPS provides simulation of all aircraft systems in normal and reversionary modes. It also provides the simulation of alternate aircrafts. Instructors and operators are provided with an extensive menu of system failure modes available through failure injection from the IOS.