Transportable Database Generation System (T-DBGS)

The T-DBGS is designed to provide the database generation personnel with a fast and efficient way to install, integrate and approve delivered ASTA-databases. The system is able to create, modify and export a complete ASTA-database, so that a delivered database can be checked and modified on the spot until the data is in the desired state.

 T-DBGS Capabilities

The Transportable Database Generation System has the following features:

  • Easy transportable hardware
  • Secure Login and access to encrypted data disk of the T-DBGS
  • Run as one of the database generation systems (DBGS) within the EF-ADPF environment
  • Run as a standalone EF-DBGS using a virtual DBGS server

T-DBGS Hardware Configuration

The T-DBGS is based on an industrial portable PC. The operating system used is Windows 7 system.

The chassis of the T-DBGS is a robust aluminum case with integrated keyboard and touch pad as well as three fold-away 17 inch TFT displays.

Additionally an optical USB wheel mouse can be plugged. The system is delivered with a case trolley.

The system is equipped with an INTEL Core 2 Quad processor, so that four processes can work in parallel, especially running the Lithos publishing this is highly increasing the performance. Based on a high end main board, the processor together with 4GB DDR3 SDRAM and a 2 TerraByte SATA RAID 0 disk provide a complete DBGS system.

For using existing software with parallel hardware dongles, a parallel port connector is provided.