Kuwait Signs Eurofighter Jet Deal

5:05 p.m. EDT April 5, 2016 Kuwait’s delayed deal to buy 28 Eurofighter jets was signed Tuesday, giving the European fighter program a much-needed shot in the arm and providing Italy’s Finmeccanica with its largest contract. Kuwait has ordered its aircraft equipped with an electronically scanned radar, which is being developed for the aircraft but has […]

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A Brigadier, who led the first Spanish Air Force deployment of Eurofighters on Baltic Air Patrol, was a key speaker at a London Fighter Conference, where he told delegates about the crucial role the Eurofighter Typhoon was playing in protecting national interests, the value of simulation training – and the value of pre-deployment exercises. BRIGADIER […]

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Training the Frisian Flag Exercise with ASTA Simulators

  REVISTA DE AERONÁUTICA Y ASTRONÁUTICA / Octubre 2014 / Comandante Juan de Dios Saldaña Molero Friday, December 20th, 2013. Morón Air Base, Group 11, Pilots Club, Christmas informal event. Statement from the Major, Chief of the 111 Squadron to the Head of ASTA: “It seems to be confirmed that we go to the Frisian […]

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