Storage Area Network (SAN)

A high fidelity simulator like the ASTA requires many types of databases with huge amount of data. This data must be

  • stored safely
  • available at any point in time
  • backed up frequently with a minimum of effort
  • must be available to all subsystems requiring this data

These requirements can best be fulfilled by a Storage Area Network.

The following tools are available for system administration purposes:

  • HP Dataprotector for Backup
  • HP SAN administration tools
  • Disk imaging tool
  • Server and Client administration tools
  • Network analysing tools

Virtualized Server, General

 The concept of running virtual machines has the following advantages:

  • Several operating systems can be run on the same hardware platform
  • SW and HW modifications can be implemented independently
  • Optimized use of available computing power
  • 2 server can be run in parallel to create a fail-safe system