Scenario Verification Tool (SVT)

The major task of the Scenario Verification Tool (SVT) is to provide the ASTA with means to test and verify scenarios prepared by LPSG. With the help of the SVT it shall be guaranteed, that only validated scenario data is delivered to the MOBs.

The SVT in general comprises two twin monitor workstations on which the variety of scenario data can be displayed. One workstation is used to gain an overview of the gaming area providing a General Overview. The second workstation shows a Detailed View of the internal parameters of the SE Server e.g. doctrine execution, CGF performance etc.

The grain of the detail is at a level that enables the instructor to follow every decision and action during a mission.

It is possible to run the SVT in two modes. One is the Online-Mode. Here the instructor attaches to a running mission and monitor the scenario without the ability to control the progression. In the second, the Offline-Mode she/he is given a separate SE-Server slot to run a scenario independently from other running missions on MOB devices.

A subset of controls to influence the mission similar to the standard ASTA Instructor Station (IS) is available such as Simulation Specific Functions (LOAD, RUN, TOTAL FREEZE, FLIGHT FREEZE, STOP) and control over CGF and Weapon parameters.

The system hardware of the SVT consists of two PC-platform workstations with two 24″ monitors each. Both workstations and Monitors are identical.

The workstations are equipped with a single quad-core CPU (or better), two Giga-bit Ethernet interfaces, and a dual-headed graphics card.

The monitors support a native resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels.

The General View workstation runs Windows 7 64 bits, and the operating system for the Detailed View workstation is SUSE Linux.  The following Figures below show the general view and the detail view of the workstation of the SVT.

General View

General View of Workstation

Detailed view

Detail View of Workstation