Optional Equipment

ASTA – Optional Equipment

 “The Benefits”

Cockpitless Alternate Aircraft (CAAC)


  • provides various aircraft types with man-in-the-loop
  • realistic, generic and adaptable flight model that correctly representing each aircraft type
  • simplified virtual cockpit
  • out of the window scenario display
  • sensors and weapons simulation


Advanced Training Resource Information Application (ATRIA)

Benefits for mission planning

  • allows aircrews to quickly plan, analyze, re-plan and rehearse missions
  • resource management eg aircrews, mission planners, evaluators
  • preflight rehearsal and analysis information.
  • Maintenance, associated activities, parts/warehouse management


Enhanced Lesson Planning Scenario Generator Preview Station (E-LPSG/PRESTA)


  • LPSG integrated system that provides quick ASTA exercises modification and preview functionality
  • loading modification and storage of ASTA exercises
  • execution and testing of the loaded exercise.


Scenario Verification Tool (SVT)


  • testing and verification of scenarios prepared by LPSG
  • ensures that only validated scenario data is delivered.


Storage Area Network (SAN)


  • HP Dataprotector for Backup
  • HP SAN administration tools
  • Disk imaging tool
  • Server and Client administration tools
  • Network analysing tools

Transportable Database Generation System (T-DBGS)


  • Easy transportable hardware
  • Secure Login and access to encrypted data disk of the T-DBGS
  • Run as one of the database generation systems (DBGS) within the EF-ADPFenvironment
  • Run as a standalone EF-DBGS using a virtual DBGS server


Remote Record Replay (RRR)


  • Simultaneous replay of all MOB devices
  • Instantaneous briefing capability
  • Live monitoring of all cockpit information
  • Storage of mission/scenario data and inter-device communications