The Enhanced LPSG Preview Station is an LPSG integrated system that provides quick ASTA exercises modification and preview functionality. It has the capability load, modify and store ASTA exercises trough a connection to LPSG Server. Its connection to ASTA Synthetic Environment (SE) gives the ability to execute and test the loaded exercise without stop the editing.

Enhanced LPSG Preview Station Client (PRESTA client) permits to modify LPSG libraries, doctrines and exercise data avoiding a long wait for exercise configuration in LPSG Server.

The PRESTA client hardware is based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) items.

PRESTA client workstation runs on Microsoft Windows 7 64bit Operative System and all the inputs are supplied by a mouse and a keyboard. No other expensive hardware is needed to support this solution.

Enhanced LPSG is perfectly integrated in ASTA environment and is transparent to it. The PRESTA client concept is inspired to the LPSG and IOS clients and hence uses the same approach with proven tailored simulation software running on COTS hardware. PRESTA client implements an ASTA IOS-like interface, where all commands and information are presented in a familiar layout. Similarly ASTA environment interfaces are used to edit LPSG libraries Doctrines and the exercise content. This imply that learn to use PRESTA client to test, edit or run an exercise require a negligible training time.

No modification to the current ASTA system CSCIs is required to integrate Enhanced LPSG Preview Station.

PRESTA exercises are full PSP4 compliant and do not require further conversion to be loaded by LPSG or other ASTA systems.

The Enhanced LPSG Preview Station consist of a workstation plus two wide screens that can be placed as a normal LPSG client in the Ancillary room or near the SE/IOS consoles following the customer needs.

PRESTA clients need to be connected to LPSG and SE in order to edit, and run the exercises. The connection to LPSG server is done though the ASTA Service LAN and the connection to ASTA SE uses the DIS LAN.

PRESTA client is composed of an exercise management interface, an exercise execution IOS-like interface, an exercise editing SG-like interface and the ASTA LPSG library and doctrines editors perfectly integrated in the same client. Useful validation and testing interfaces such as the DRLMS DASS-EW library validator are supplied with the solution.

A powerful workstation plus a tight coupled integration of the software components gives PRESTA client a consistent speed up in all the exercise modification process, in particular the editing process is impressively more responsive and the exercise open-modify-execute cycle is optimized avoiding unnecessary time-consuming operations.

Two monitors can be used to execute the exercise simultaneously report modifications in the exercise editor. No complete Exercise configuration is needed, Save and disseminate the exercise is enough to see the modification running on SE.