ASTA – Aircrew Part Task Trainer (APTT)

The APTT provides the simulated functions required for familiarisation with the Eurofighter Typhoon avionic systems eg:

  • Start-up, shut down procedures
  • Emergency drills
  • Avionic systems operations
  • Skill fade mitigation

The APTT can also be used during networked missions to provide interactive friendly/hostile aircrafts

  • LAN/WAN capability

ASTA Family APTT (2)

System Components / unique feature

  • Flat panel touch-screen virtual cockpit displays and controls
  • Basic cockpit structure
  • 3 channel Visual with a monitor display
  • HUD Image as part of the Visual scene
  • Simulated Stick-top and throttle-top
  • Seat with height adjustment
  • Dedicated SE/CGF Server for single/standalone mission
  • Instructor Station with 2D Tactical Display
    • full control of the training of the pilot
    • full pilot behaviour survey and management.
    • evaluation ofthe pilots actions and progress