Advanced Training Resource Information Application (ATRIA)

In a world, where systems are increasingly complex and budgets as well as resources are increasingly tight, maintenance and mission planning systems have become highly necessary to manage available resources and optimize their use. In response to the needs of the market, ESS offers a mission and maintenance planning systems that support the entire planning, maintenance and logistic process in a highly configurable, flexible, and adaptable manner for operation, maintenance and logistics. The planning tool “ATRIA” is a sophisticated yet simple-to-use, computerized Mission and Maintenance planning system. As the requirements may differ wrt. to the user, a customized solution can be offered. The concept of this system is very flexible and will encompass the two main areas of a state of the art planning system.

  • Within the field of mission planning, ATRIA allows aircrews to quickly plan, analyze, re-plan and rehearse missions and will be the perfect tool for managing all kind of resources like the aircrews, mission planners, evaluators as well as the aircrafts including preflight rehearsal and analysis information.
  • In the area of maintenance organization and associated activities, it provides the capability to manage all related maintenance activities for complex systems including parts- and warehouse management.

ATRIA Concept

The Advanced Training Resource Information Application (ATRIA) will support the entire Management, the Pilots, the System Specialists and Instructors at their location in the following areas:

  • Mission planning
  • Resource Management
  • Electronic Logbook Management
  • Technical Documentation Administration (Desired Condition, Handbooks)
  • Configuration Management & Administration (Actual State)
  •  Inventory Management (Spares & Logistics)
  • Management & Control of Maintenance Activities
  • Planning and Documentation of Maintenance Activities
  • Generation of Reports & Statistics


ATRIA Concept