Full Mission Simulator (FMS )

The FMS is a high-end device, providing full spectrum of Typhoon training tasks:

  • fully immersive environment
  • initial cockpit checks
  • mission planning
  • mission rehearsal
  • de-briefing
  • LAN/WAN capability
  • Simulation of all a/c sensors including Laser Designation Pod (LDP)

ASTA Family FMS Cockpit

System Components / unique feature

  • Facsimile cockpit using all simulated panels and controls including replicated stick-top and throttle-top
  • Suitably modified aircraft HUD
  • Record Replay and Facility to DBF a mission
  • Motion Queuing G-Seat and Breathing Air Systems
  • Cockpit Air conditioning
  • IOS for 2 Instructors
    • full control of the training of the pilot
    • full tactical scenario control and management
    • full pilot behaviour survey and management.
    • evaluation of  the pilots’ actions and progress
  • 360° Front Projection Visual System
  • Night Vision Goggle compatible cockpit