ASTA – high-quality, high-fidelity training system for Eurofighter pilots

ASTA Brochure
Col. Andreas Pfeiffer Former Wing Commander FW 74, Neuburg/Germany:

“The preparation in ASTA for the Alaska Red Flag exercise was so real, that pilots came back and reported a “déjà vu” already after the first mission. ASTA is best preparation training possible, as close to reality as it can be.”

Daniel Kraus Head of Training and Simulation Centre, Zeltweg/Austria:
“Due to the operational experiences accumulated so far, it can clearly be stated that without ASTA, a safe introduction as well as the ongoing operation of such a complex weapon system would not be achievable.
With the extraordinary volume of functionalities which ASTA provides, Air Forces of the operator nations have an efficient and indispensable tool for the education and training of their pilots. Without ASTA, this could only be partially realized through substantial additional costs.“

Anthony Gregory
RAF Wing Commander, MOD UK:

‘’The exceptionally high quality of training available from Eurofighter Typhoon ASTA simulators contributed greatly to the ability of the RAF to prepare pilots for full multirole operations in support of the recent Libyan crisis. It is testament to the ASTA, as part of an integrated training solution, that pilots could be trained to the exacting standards required for combat operations and be ready for deployment within one week.’’

Helmut Blaschke
Former German Air Force Weapon Instructor, holding over 3,000 hours on fast jets as a weapons instructor and instructor pilot, and giving training to the Eurofighter pilots in ASTA for 6 years:

„Due to the customer confirmed ‘high degree of expertise transfer’ from ASTA to the real world flying, we implemented a research based ‘Mission Readiness Training’ (MRT) into daily ASTA-Training. Mission Readiness Training includes ‘Combat Resource Management 2.0’ (CRM2.0TM) as well as ‘Threat and Error Management 2.0’ (TEM2.0TM).
Therefore MRT allows us not only to prepare pilots for the upcoming mission with a high degree of fidelity, but also to identify threats for errors of the aircrew in all regards of the combat flying envelope and the mission to come. The feedback of the p ilots so far is tremendous, because ASTA-MRT not only makes operation safer, but also more efficient.”

Col. Bernhard Teicke
Wing Commander FW 73 „Steinhoff“, Germany:
“The ASTA MOB at JG 73 “S” in Rostock-Laage, prepares all German Fighter Pilots for their future Eurofighter activities. The ASTA represents a key growth of simulation supported training for the German Air Force. Any mission profile of the current syllabus can be trained in the ASTA in advance of the real flying mission. This significantly increases training  efficiency. The result is a comprehensive aeronautical training using modern networked simulators and a unique computer based training facility. Despite the high demand for and high number of daily training missions, ASTA has proven to be very reliable and has become the backbone of German Eurofighter training.”

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text source: Eurofighter GmbH, ASTA Brochure, 2013
pictures: Eurofighter Simulation Systems GmbH, 2013